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What Imago Therapists are saying


Sille Jõgeva

For me, learning and experiencing Imago was a lifesaver! My marriage was almost over, we both were unhappy and the distance between us felt like a huge abyss. There was still love, but we both felt lonely on two disconnected sides of this abyss. Imago gave us the knowledge of how to build the bridge to reconnect us.

Lisa McGovern

I have been so grateful to Jeannie and the amazing example she is of inclusion and practicing the Imago concepts. She is a wonderful example of the Imago community. I have been blessed to witness how couples really respond to the elements of this and how this practice strengthens their connection.

Tara Chivukula

I wasn’t sure what do with couples when there was conflict. Imago showed me the truth about conflict and helped me with practical skills to help the couple. Now I feel safe and trust the process when working with conflict and I like it!